Trust Leaf Premium Black Rice

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According to traditional lore, black rice, a popular superfood, was once consumed only by royalty. Known alternately as forbidden rice, emperor’s rice, or longevity rice, black rice is actually a dark purple grain. Cultivated throughout Asia, black rice is now taking a place on the world stage as a superfood with novel and highly beneficial attributes.

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Trust Leaf Organic Black Rice is rich in nutritional value like fiber (that efficiently drains out all sorts of toxins and regulates the bowel movement) and Vitamin E which aids in digestion and offers a younger looking complexion. Compared to other rice, it is higher in protein, Iron helps in improving the circulatory system by proper oxygen supply to every cell for proper functioning and repair, and Phosphorus to form strong bones and teeth, Magnesium to regulate muscle and nerve function, blood sugar levels, and blood pressure and making protein, bone, and DNA. Additionally, it has a naturally-occurring compounds called anthocyanins that reduce the aging of cells, stem inflammation, enhance eyesight, improve many aspects of cardiovascular health,

enhance brain function and help to stabilize blood sugar. With these advantages, our rice is strongly recommended those who are looking for a good source of nourishment to keep healthy.

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