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Sin Zhong Food Manufacturer Pte Ltd is a diversified international trading/manufacturing company incorporated and based in the Republic of Singapore.  This country, being one of the freest economies and busiest ports in the world contributed to SZF’s ability to capitalise and tap on the world resources thereby bridging businesses globally. When SZF is formed in 2013, we started supplying canned, dried foods and glutinous rice to China. Within a few years, we have partnered with more than 2000 stored in China and growing. In 2017, we obtained Trademark for Trust Leaf to promote healthier lifestyle in Singapore, China, and The World. SZF is a growing and entrepreneurial company with a long-standing commitment to excellent customer service. SZF has earned its reputation as a highly ethical company that is extremely competitive.  Our mission is to provide our valued customers with top quality and innovative products while offering the best value and exceptional service.  We welcome all local and overseas enquiries, be it OEM or ODM projects which are part of SZF’s total commitment to customer’s satisfaction. We are excited to announce our new partnership with 7 Eleven China convenience chain of stores. SZF is in talks with Family Mart in China currently. We will continue to uphold our guiding principles, and integrity, maintain good business practice and develop truthful relationships with our customers, suppliers and employees who have helped us achieved our success today.

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Sin Zhong Office cum Warehouse

Sin Zhong Food Manufacturer was formed to Trade Dried Food and Canned Food with China.

Sin Zhong brought it own Office cum Warehouse. 

Sin Zhong Food Manufacturer obtain their Trade Mark TRUST LEAF

Sin Zhong Food Manufacturer Launch their Trust Leaf Red Rice, Black Rice and Crisps and obtain Healthier Choice Symbol from Singapore Health Promotion Board.